Welcome to the official blog of HealthAndHumor.org, the website devoted to improved physical and mental well-being through a healthy sense of humor.  This blog was created to provide daily insights into the world of therapeutic humor, and help you get through your day with a smile.

It’s been said that, by the time a child begins kindergarten, they laugh an average of 300 times every day.  That’s 300 times each day they find something so amusing they break into spontaneous laughter.  Adults, on the other hand – we laugh an average of 17 times a day.  That’s pretty sad.  Especially when you consider we both live in the same world, and we both see and hear the same things.  The answer should be pretty obvious – they’re laughing at us!

Also consider that children are vibrant, active, healthy, and full of life.  They have a fraction of the health problems we experience as adults and, for the most part, they’re physically fit.  And look at how they live.  They play outside, climb trees, bounce balls off the ground, stomp through puddles, and then eat without washing their hands.  And yet, they somehow seem to survive with very few adverse health effects.  Why?  Because they don’t take anything too seriously.  Instead, they laugh.

When we laugh, our bodies produce a host of chemicals that have been proven to reduce stress, fight pain, lower blood pressure, and even fight cancer.  And if that weren’t enough, a good belly laugh can exercise all of the body’s muscles at the same time.  In fact, it’s been estimated that hearty laughter burns about 500 calories per hour.  That’s about the same as a brisk walk on the treadmill, and it’s a lot more fun!

I’m Dave Glardon, founder of HealthAndHumor.org.  I am a writer, speaker, and stand-up comedian, whose readership spans more than forty countries around the world.  I’ve written hundreds of humorous articles, and performed for audiences across the United States.  In each post, I’ll share insights, tips, and a few humorous anecdotes intended to help you get through your day with less stress and an improved sense of well-being.

If you haven’t subscribed already, please do.  And be sure to check out our website, www.healthandhumor.org.  You can also follow us at www.twitter.com/healthyhumor.  And please tell a few friends.  Because we could all use a little more humor in our lives.

Copyright 2011 – Dave Glardon


About Health and Humor - by Dave Glardon

Dave Glardon is a writer, speaker, and stand-up comedian. He has written hundreds of articles relating to humor in our world, and has performed for audiences across the entire United States. In this blog, he shares his insights with the goal of helping you achieve a higher level of physical and mental well-being through a healthy sense of humor.
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4 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Sue Reynolds says:

    Hey Dave – where can I subscribe to your blog?

  2. louis10j says:

    I really liked the part where it says that laughter can reduce stress, high blood pressure and even cancer i had no idea it could even cure , very useful information

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