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Stressed? Take Two Laughs And Call Me In The Morning

So when I woke up this morning, I had every intention of getting something written by early afternoon.  I always plan for the best, then find myself adapting to the real world.  But it’s an existence with which I’m comfortable, … Continue reading

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Giggle While You Work

When was the last time you left a business and vowed never to return because the employees were having too much fun? Okay, when was the last time you went into a business and everybody was laughing and having fun? … Continue reading

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Lighten Up! It’s Only A Funeral!

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we’d rather be any place else on earth, but for whatever reason, the choice isn’t necessarily ours to make.  Like weddings or funerals, or a Saturday afternoon cookout at the boss’ house. Okay, … Continue reading

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My Truck, Your Car … Let’s Rock!

Anybody who knows me very well knows my complete lack of patience for traffic.  Okay, it’s not traffic that bothers me.  Traffic is an inanimate entity, the result of several contributing factors.  As such, it can’t be blamed for its effect on … Continue reading

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