Got Pranks?

A while back, I wrote about a prank some co-workers played on me and the laughs we shared years later because of it.  From the emails I received, I think we have a few practical jokers in our midst and I thought it would be fun if we’d all share a few of our favorites.  So I’m asking you to join in.  Let’s crank this party up!  Because when it comes to breaking the monotony, few things can take the place of a well-executed practical joke.

Before I begin, let me share a few thoughts on the topic.  After all, people view practical jokes a little differently.  To one person, it’s a welcome act of creativity and humor.  To another, it’s a thoughtless intrusion into their personal space.  And to some, it’s nothing more than a waste of company time that could have been better spent generating profits.  People in the last two categories are boring.  Let’s not talk about them.

Actually, I guess we have to but only to the extent of laying a few ground rules.  The fun side of me says to just throw away the rules, but we have to at least observe a few guidelines.  Otherwise, somebody gets hurt.  Or mad.  Or fired.  As the saying goes, it’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye.

First things first.  For every practical joke, there has to be a fall guy, somebody who is the unwitting target of the prank.  This is where it’s good to know your audience.  A co-worker who recently lost a loved one probably won’t react well to a fake heart attack.  And one who’s twice your size and has the temper of a rattlesnake is probably not the best target for your prank.  Well, unless you can set it up so they’ll never figure out who did it.  Then it’s funny as hell.

Also consider the environment.  Especially in the workplace, we have to be sensitive to our surroundings.  Are customers present?  Are people using dangerous machinery?  Is the boss watching?  A little common sense goes a long way. 

And if you’re doing this at work, be mindful of how much “company time” you spend setting up the prank, or cleaning up afterward.  Most bosses will look the other way as long as you keep it reasonable, but anything that takes more than a few minutes probably won’t put you in line for a pay raise.  In fact, it could put you in another line of work.

When it comes to pranks, my uncle is the grand master.  He lives to make people laugh.  And in a family of nine siblings, he’s the only one who lived beyond the age of 65.  Coincidence?

One of my favorites is the time he was flying home from his job on a tugboat.  He’d picked up a few things to eat on the way to the airport, including a can of beef stew.  This was before the days of metal detectors, and after he got on the plane he realized he still had that can of stew in his pocket.  Now who could waste an opportunity like that?

He sat quietly in his seat pretending to feel sick.  When he was sure he had an audience, he jumped up, clapped his hand over his mouth, and ran to the lavatory.  Once inside, he emptied the stew into one of those bags we all hope we’ll never need.  Then he went back to his seat, asked the flight attendant for a spoon, opened the bag, and casually sat there eating its contents.  And he did it with a straight face.

So in the grand scheme of things, I’m pretty much an amateur.  I tend to amuse myself with simple things, like shooting a rubber band across the top of my cubicle with no earthly idea where it might fall.  Or going into an empty conference room and dropping all the chairs to their lowest height.  A dozen people will sit there like first-graders at the big people’s table before somebody figures out something’s not right.  A few of my other favorites:

  • Taping down the receiver button on a co-worker’s phone so it keeps ringing after they answer it.
  • Turning off the restroom light while the boss is in the stall.  And if the boss is reading this, I’m only kidding.
  • Loading up the door of a co-worker’s overhead bin with about 10,000 paper chads that I’d collected from every hole punch in the building.  We all learned a few new words that day.
  • Re-routing two co-workers’ phone lines so that her calls rang on his phone and his rang on hers.  It took them all morning to figure out that all those people weren’t dialing the wrong number.  And the whole time, I was snickering like a little boy who just broke wind in an elevator.
  • Changing the settings on a co-worker’s computer to include a German version of Windows, left-handed mouse buttons, and the sounds of barnyard animals.
  • Leaving a suggestive message on the voicemail of a manager who came in every morning and played his messages on speaker phone where the whole office could hear them.  Suffice to say he never did that again.

But my absolute favorite was a prank I played on that same manager.  This guy was meticulous about the placement of everything on his desk.  It not only had to be in a certain place, it had to be perfectly squared.  I’d stand there talking to him, casually moving things around just a little.  He couldn’t stand it.  Within seconds, he was subconsciously putting them back where they were, using both hands to square them up.  Okay, we all know by now that I’m easily amused.

Anyway, when he went on vacation, I rotated his entire office 90 degrees.  Everything was still there, still usable, and still in the same basic orientation as before – it was just all on a different wall.  When he returned, he stared at the office for a few seconds trying to figure out what had changed.  Then he burst into roaring laughter and I thought he’d never stop.  I did offer to put it back the way it was, but he was so thrilled to be the subject of such an elaborate prank that he left it that way.  I’d say it was worth it.

As you know by now, I’m a firm believer in the value of laughter.  Nothing is better at fighting stress, and anything that reduces stress makes everything else just a little better.  It’s good for your mind, your body, and your soul.  There are very few situations in life where a little well-placed humor isn’t welcome.  So give it a try.

And with that, it’s your turn.  Tell me about some of the best pranks you’ve every pulled.  Just click “Comment” below this post and share your story with all of us.  If you want to protect the not-so-innocent, just say “A friend of mine (wink-wink) did this.”  But if it’s really, really good, don’t be surprised if you read about it again someday.  I may just have to try it myself.

Copyright 2011 – Dave Glardon


About Health and Humor - by Dave Glardon

Dave Glardon is a writer, speaker, and stand-up comedian. He has written hundreds of articles relating to humor in our world, and has performed for audiences across the entire United States. In this blog, he shares his insights with the goal of helping you achieve a higher level of physical and mental well-being through a healthy sense of humor.
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11 Responses to Got Pranks?

  1. Jan from Montana says:

    Dave, my bunch are ALL practical jokers. Sometimes I leave the ‘practical’ out of that one…
    One year when the kids were in high school, and our son had just gotten his drivers license, they skipped class right after lunch (study hall for both of them), and drove home.
    They used up 3 BIG spools of thread; sewed pajamas to the bedspread, sheets to the mattress, cobwebbed the toilet stool, after putting Saran Wrap over it, then cobwebbed the ENTIRE house to the point I had to use my Leatherman to even get in the door! Then they went back to school.
    After school, they came to the newspaper office, where I worked, and hung around for the last half hour until I was ready to go home. Then they followed me.
    I thought, at the time, it was a bit strange that they were a bit slower than usual getting out of his truck and into the house. But I paid little attention…right up until I tried to open the door: It went 3 inches and stopped! I sat the grocery sack down, and laughed so hard I had to sit down! You can see a LOT of thread in a 3 inch space…
    And dang. It wasn’t even April Fools Day!
    But we still laugh about that one…

  2. Sharon says:

    When I was a kid, a bunch of us were playing night tag. My dad went down into the basement, quietly opened the window and waited for us to run past. Just as the group charged down the side of the house, he blew a big honk on a conch shell. If done just right, that can sound like an angry elephant. Needless to say all the kids were frightened, perhaps a couple had wet pants. I, on the other hand, was giggling like crazy because I recognized the sound.

  3. The Dreamer says:

    Thanks for sharing your pranks!
    I wish I had some amazing, side splitting stories to share, but it is almost impossible for me to lie and I hate to embarrass anyone so I am not a great practical joker.
    I dearly love to laugh, I tend to do silly things to amuse myself and if other people are entertained along the way, all the better! 🙂
    We call our place of work the “nut house” or “funny farm”. There’s always laughter and we’re always doing something ridiculous. If anyone was to walk in unannounced, they’d think they’d entered a mental institute! No one would believe we are the back bone of the company! But that’s what makes our time there bearable when we are under immense pressure.
    I remember someone rubbed cheese on the receiver of a colleague’s phone, it stunk for weeks! He found out he’s been pranked when everyone burst into fits of laughter. And one guy always make prank calls to the “newbies”, pretending to be the owner or head of some enormous corporate company and make them do all sort of pointless things, or there’d be a “Hugh Jorgan” on the phone who’s had a missed call so the receiver of the joke will shout out who’s after a “Huge Organ”. The worst one he done was pretending to be a very annoyed customer…he was so convincing he made the poor girl cry!
    I do believe Laughter is the cure! 😀

  4. Here’s a few: I was not directly involved in any of these, but the first two involved my employees.
    1. Some employees filled up one of their colleagues car with packing peanuts.
    2. These same employees, spent a day moving our bosses car around. We got access to a key, they would move it to different parking spots, etc. and followed him on various errands throughout the day and would move the car around. Took him most of the day to figure it out – he thought he was going nuts!
    3. A friend of mine recently told a story of hooking a timer to another friends basement stereo, turned the volume up full blast, then set the timer to go on in the middle of the night. Yeah, I thought it was mean too, but I have to admit it made me laugh!!

  5. ButMadNNW says:

    I’m not a huge fan of practical jokes; they can so easily be mean-spirited. But my favorite practical joke happened last month – I was the victim.

    After I’d ordered myself a birthday cake, my male housemate called the same store and ordered one himself without my knowledge. On the day I went to pick up the cake, I had just enough time to get the cake, run home, leave the cake on the kitchen counter, grab my other housemate (his wife), and go off to my birthday lunch with friends. As soon as he knew we’d left, MH went to the store, picked up his cake, brought it home, set it on the counter next to mine, marked the other edge of my box with his finger, and pushed his box over until it sat in the exact same spot as my cake. He then hid my cake on the shelves in the living room, out of cats’ reach.

    So after lunch, FH and I come home, and he meets us downstairs (that alone is unusual enough it should have tipped me off something wasn’t right). We’re chattering to him about lunch when FH says, “Um….this isn’t the same cake?”

    Remember: same store, so identical boxes, and he’d left it in the exact same place; neither of us noticed until she looked through the little cellophane window. And the geeky in-joke he’d made with the cake was soooo perfect, we couldn’t stop laughing for several minutes. (More explanation with photos can be found here.)

  6. Tanya says:

    Ok, I’m a newbie to your post but I couldn’t help but love the way you tell a story.
    Anyways about the panks.
    My friends and I would steal each others clothes or and accessories from each other and place it on are dogs and cats. It was so funny to get pictures sent to u of someone dogs wearing your sweater or better yet a pair of your underwear .
    I don’t believe they are actual panks but better yet a way to get a good laugh with friends.

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